Nathan Klimachefsky

2000 Veterans Hwy E7
Levittown, PA 19056

Cell: (971) 344 - 9731


    Pennsylvania State University; Main Campus, University Park, PA
    Bachelor of Science; Management Science and Information Systems, May 2000


    I am a web developer that is experienced in using and integrating multiple technology platforms. I especially excel in the use of JavaScript, Flash Actionscript and hand coded HTML. I am quick to learn new skills and enjoy learning new systems and languages.


    Flash contractor
      Bristol Myers Squibb, Skillman, NJ (May '07, Dec '07)
      • Developed Flash based corporate training solutions
      • Worked on and enhanced existing learning tools in HTML/Javascript
    Flash contractor
      Creative Media Design, Portland, OR (Mar '06, Oct '06 ?Mar '07)
      • Worked in a cross-functional team to design/develop Flash based solutions for clients
      • Designed products with an OOP infrastructure to be portable and reusable
      • Repurposed existing Flash tools for new clients/situations
      • Created products that worked seamlessly with XML and JSP
      ITT Technical Institute, Portland, OR (May '06 ?Jan '07)
      • Instructed students on various aspects of game design
      • Taught the basics of Actionscripting
      • Responsibilities include grading, preparation of supplemental materials, delivery of prepared materials, and email support.
      • Classes to date: "Introduction to Gaming Technology", "Game Design Strategies", and "Level Design I"
    Customer Service Representative
      WebMD, Portland, OR (Oct '05 ?Feb '06, Mar '06 ?Oct '06)
      • Assist users with technical, navigational and operational concerns regarding WebMD's valuable on line health information, including on line tools for managing health
      • Liaison between users, clients, technical employees, and administrative staff
      • Hand coded departmental web site for WebMD intranet
    Web Applications Developer
      Strategic Management Group, Philadelphia, PA (Oct. '01 ?Oct. '03)
      • Lead developer for a web based business E-learning simulation on managing change in the Fortune 500 workplace
      • Worked closely with SME's, writers, and instructional designers to develop and manage an on line business simulation platform
      • Researched and developed a web based learning platform utilizing Flash 5, web based video, HTML, JavaScript, XML, and JSP
      • Obtained Flash 5 Certification
    Web Designer / Internet Application Developer
      Penn State Center for Electronic Design, Communications and Computing
      University Park, PA (Dec. '97 - Aug. '00)
      • Used HTML, JavaScript, ASP, CSS, DHTML , Photoshop, and Illustrator to design and develop various pages for the department of Engineering.
      • Developed and maintained web site content
    Freelance / Contract Web Design and Development
      Graphic Designs, State College, PA (Sept. '00 ?Oct. '00)
      • Developed interactive catalog using Flash 4
      University hospitals health system, Cleveland, OH (Oct. '00 ?Feb '01)
      • Designed and developed cardiology departmental web site
      • Edited graphics using Photoshop
      • Prepared contracts and invoices
      Vegenics, Inc., State College, PA (Mar '99 ?Sept.'99)
      • Designed and developed promotional web site, using Photoshop, HTML, and JavaScript

Computer Skills

    Flash Actionscript, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, XHTML
    Adobe Photoshop, Flex, and Imageready, Excel, Word,
    Visual Source Safe, Freehand, Illustrator

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